LIfe is repetition with constant choices that could lead you somewhere new.  Each decision will take you somewhere new, a new path.  Sometimes those paths fork when new decisions arise, sometimes those paths you take will lead you back to where you would have originally been, you just needed to take the long way to get there.  I feel as though you may make one decision that could lead you somewhere completely new, or eventually take you back to where you were supposed to be anyways.  Life is filled with new decisions and new paths.  The idea is to make that decision and go where that path takes you. I use abstract, biomorphic and repetitive designs to represent daily life. We sleep, work, eat, sleep, etc. Even if we indulge in fun trips or go out with friends, essentially our life is extremely repetitive.  Those shapes represent the idea of repetitiveness.  The overall look of my work makes me feel lighthearted and provides a childlike sensation.  It reminds me not to take like so seriously and to just enjoy the beautiful things we do and see on a daily basis.  

You can spend time going through each piece, analyzing, and wondering what it means.  Of course, like most art, my work is filled with emotions, how I feel about certain events that have happened.  But my favorite part about my work is how it speaks to everyone differently.  I love when people tell me what they think it looks like to them or what it reminds them of.  Art is what you make it.  You aren't going to put a piece of art in your house unless you feel a connection to it so when people tell me about their connection to my art, even if I had a different idea about it, it makes me value it even more.  

I use Linoleum which provides the ability for multiples. I use different sized carving tools to cut out sections of the linoleum.  I enjoy using the linoleum as the work itself rather than making multiples.  The linoleum provides an extra texture and depth that I enjoy more so than a print.  When I do make prints I use the linoleum to print onto different types of metal ranging from copper to brass to stainless steel.  The metal is often times cut into the abstract biomorphic shapes seen in the linoleum.  I think using metal, rather than paper, add an extra layer to the work that provides a completely different view of the work.